Be a Chicken Magician with Spatchcocked Chicken!

Grilling chicken can get a little stressful.

Especially when you’re trying to feed everyone their favorite parts…
The kids love their drumsticks.
Your spouse is into the flavorful thighs.
And you’re all about the meaty breasts.

We’ve got a secret to making your life a tad bit easier…

What is THAT, you ask?

A spatchcocked chicken is a whole chicken with the backbone removed and pressed flat. Because it’s flattened, the chicken cooks more quickly and evenly so you don’t get overcooked breasts and undercooked thighs.

It’s chicken magic!

You know what is even better than spatchcocking a chicken?
How about we do the hard part for you?

Get a Bauman Spatchcocked Chicken at the market! Sold frozen flat, the backbone is cut right down the middle.

Spatchcocked Chicken Tips

  • We recommend thawing your Bauman’s Spatchcocked Chicken in the refrigerator overnight. Alternatively, you can thaw in a bowl with cold running water in about an hour.
  • You can season a spatchcocked chicken any way you’d season a regular roast chicken. Do this at least an hour or so in advance if you can, so the flesh can absorb the salt all the way to the bone. Even better, season it the day before and let it rest overnight, uncovered, in the refrigerator so the skin can dry out and then crisp up even more in the oven.

Spatchcocked Chicken Recipes

Summer Fire Chicken

You’ll need to pick-up only two ingredients at market to grill up the taste of summer in about an hour with no real prep time.

Here’s your shopping list:
1 Bauman’s Spatchcocked Chicken
1 jar of Bauman’s Peach-Jalapeno Jam

If you have the time, follow the tip above and season your chicken with salt and pepper the night before. In a rush? No worries, just liberally season the chicken and leave it on the counter to warm up a bit while you get the grill going!

When ready to grill light your BBQ and allow it to get to temperature, ensure you have a direct heat side and indirect heat side.

Place the chicken skin side down on the direct heat section and cook until nicely colored.

Move to the indirect heat section, skin side up. Brush with the Bauman’s Peach-Jalapeno Jam.

Close the lid on your grill and cook for 35-45 minutes or until the juices run clear when the thickest part of the thigh is pricked with a fork and the fattest part of the chicken breast reaches 150 degrees with an instant-read thermometer.

Feel free to baste the chicken with additional jam during the grilling time!

Remove from grill, cover bird with foil and let rest for 10 minutes before carving.

Spatchcocked Chicken Extras

On the Grill

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